Venturing into Pantyland

Venturing into Pantyland

As I continued to explore my relationship with bdsm, my thoughts would often return to what had opened the door to me: panties. There was still so much I didn’t understand about panty fetish. Plus, I couldn’t get the picture of his face when I poured his stash of panties onto him out of my head. There was something so alluring about his inability to resist sniffing those dirty knickers. The ecstasy, the thrill, and delight all radiated in his expression. His pleasure from panties excited me.

I decided to learn more about panty fetish. I looked at the websites for various panty girls, read a bit of erotica that touched on panty sniffing, and even watched some porn videos. I had always loved wearing cute panties and feeling that I had a naughty little secret on underneath my clothes, but it hadn’t occurred to me that there was so much more fun to be had with them. After spending probably far too much time looking at other women’s panties I finally decided to go for it. I wanted to share my scent, my panties, my dirty little secret with others. I wanted to experience that thrill of popping to post office with a pair of carefully wrapped smelly, worn panties wrapped in a plain bubble envelope. I wanted to know that men all over world would have a pair of my dirty panties in their possession to smell and enjoy whenever they wanted.

So, I took all the necessary steps, with the help of my experienced panty-buying pervy lover, to become a fully-fledged panty girl. I signed up to Panty Trust and went through their verification process. I took pictures wearing a whole assortment of my panties, set up a website and a Twitter account, and put myself out there.

Full disclosure, I had never taken rude or naked photos of myself before. This was a huge thing for me and once I had started I was addicted. I was taking pictures of my sweet little bum, my filthy thongs after the gym, showing off my sexy lips with camel toe shots, and of course taking cheeky snaps of my hands sliding under my knickers. It was exhilarating every time I posted them on Twitter.

I will never forget how my heart raced each time a new panty order hit my inbox. Going about my day in a pair of panties that would be sent to a new owner the following day put a cheeky little spring in my step. Getting to masturbate in panties before I wrapped them up was equally exciting. I was so turned on by the whole process that I would often cum really quick. It was all such a rush I could barely contain myself.

After my first month or so of panty selling, I realised that my panty drawer was looking a little sparse and needed a good top up. I was shocked to see how many pairs I hold already sold and suddenly my stomach was full of butterflies. How many pairs had I sent? My smell, my pussy juice covered panties, were already all over the UK, Europe, and North America. It was an incredible feeling. Plus, it meant that I got to go buy more and I love shopping for panties. Everything about it was thrilling.

I had barely dipped my toes into this wonderful world of sex work and already I knew that there was so much more I wanted to try. Sharing this pleasure with others felt so right. It was equally scary, exciting, and satisfying in a way I had never before experienced. I wanted to go further. All I needed to do was figure out where to go next.


If want more of me enjoying panties and other rude scenes then go ahead and hop over to my Xvideos and Pornhub profiles or check out my scenes with Forbidden Perversion on Pornhub and XVideos.

Porn I’m Watching

As for me, I have a bit of a crush on Riley Reid. I have for awhile. She often gets cast for amateur or teen scenes and she is usually sucking or fucking a dick that looks enormous next to her petite frame. I’m not sure what it is, I just think she is the cutest thing ever and she does it for me. So, if you want to see some great examples of her awesomeness then I recommend Adult Member Zone. Her scene “You Want Me to do WHAT With It!?!” is usually on the front page, but if not, that is one I definitely recommend. Enjoy!


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