Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box

It all started with a boy. Yep, go figure, it was a guy who introduced me to this gem hidden in plain sight. One day I was being a busy little so and so, going through some empty protein powder tubs in his room. I knew he kept change in one of them and I just needed to borrow a pound or two to catch the bus to uni. One tub, in particular, felt quite light, but I decided to unscrew the top and check inside it anyhow. That is where I discovered his stash of dirty knickers. He had a fair handful of them in a variety of sizes too. He had a few bright coloured ones, neon pink, lacy bright blue, as well as a black silky pair, some with patterns, and even a pair plain white cotton fullbacks.

I was so confused at first. You see, he and I were kinda sort of an item. Not really officially and not in any facebook status type of way, but we were comfortably a happy pair of fuck buddies. So, seeing all these panties made my mind boggle. All I could think was, “when in the world does he have time to be banging all these chicks?” That’s all I figured they were: a pile of panty trophies.

Like any sneaky detective would, I put everything back and covered my tracks. I had to get to uni anyhow, so I would have to figure out this mystery later. I have no idea what the lecture I went to that afternoon was about. The whole time my mind was wandering, wading through the various scenarios that could have led to this bizarre secret collection.

The thing is though, I wasn’t even mad. We weren’t exclusive and I didn’t want to be the jealous sort of girl. I knew then what I know now. Any guy that gets anywhere near my sweetness should consider himself the luckiest man on earth. If he proves to be unworthy, I have no problem walking away. On this occasion, I wasn’t totally convinced he had even done anything wrong.

Finally, that evening, I confronted him. There was no way I could go any longer than one day of not know where this little panty collection came from. My mind had been running wild and I needed to satisfy my curiosity. So, when we finally got a moment alone together I was going to get answers. It never took long for things to get hot and heavy between us. It always felt like this raw animal magnetism that would instantly have us just ravaging each other. It was hot. Every time.

Once we were stripped bare and I was just about to climb on top, I paused and said, “oh hey, I want to add something to the mix. Give me a sec.” Of course he wasn’t going to say no to that. He had no idea what I was about to grab so he just stretched his arms behind his head and put on that goofy grin of a guy that knows he’s about to do something kinky.

When I came back with the protein tub in my hands I smiled and said nothing. I just straddled him, unscrewed the lid, and dumped his stash of dirty used panties right onto his face. It was fascinating to watch his face quickly cycle through looks of surprise, horror, embarrassment, and then his eyes rolled back as he took a quick inhalation! That is when the penny dropped.

I’m not going to lie, there was something incredibly hot about the way he sucked in the smell of those panties. There was so much pleasure on his face and his dick was rock hard. I just had to fuck him then and there, no explanations needed.

It was only later, after we had both cum harder than ever before and we were basking in that post-coital glow of ecstasy, that he opened up about his panty fetish. He loved to sniff women’s worn panties. He would dig out my panties from the laundry hamper and have a wank while he sniffed them. He was a big fan of the Panty Trust site and had been buying panties from girls from all different places to further satisfy this desire.

As we talked, I felt this passion stirring inside of me. I wanted to know more about these girls selling their panties, more about this fetish, about all fetishes even. It was as if it had only just struck me that there was so much more to sex than I realized. My mind felt like it had been blown open and I felt this incredible excitement surge through me. There was a whole world of passionate, sexual freedoms and possibilities that I had never known or considered. I wanted more. I wanted into that world.

Porn I’m Watching

Just for a bit of fun I’ve decided to add a special little extra bit to the end of my posts to share what I’m currently enjoying in pornland at the moment. Right now, I’m super into taboo stuff. No surprises there I guess. If you’ve seen my catalogue of clips I doubt you’ll be surprised by this revelation, haha.

Because I do enjoy being a bit of size queen at times and love daddy daughter role play, I’m really liking Seriously, check out ‘Stepdad Cums to the Rescue’ on there and you’ll see what I mean.

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