My First Clips

My First Clips

If you have seen any of my clips, or even just the size of my clipstore, you might find it hard to believe that I was super shy in front of the camera when I first started. I had found this new kinky side of myself, but I had no idea how to share it on camera. All I knew was that I kept getting custom video requests and every part of me was eager to try making them.

Turning on the camera

Lucky for me I was seeing a kinky guy who happened to be rather handy with a camera. From him, I was able to learn how to set it up and film myself doing all kinds of things. In those early days, I would only show from the shoulders down. So there was a bit of trial and error in getting the right angles and I loved every second of it.

As with all my previous introductions to new naughty things, filming myself made me so horny. I loved exploring panty fetish further by stuffing them inside of me and cumming on them. I became more familiar with pee fetish by making a series of clips in the shower, with or without panties on, and in different costumes. Panties and pee were only the tip of the iceberg. I was soon exploring all kinds of fun fetishes, like spit, strap-on domination, high heel teases, and so many more. The requests just kept coming in and I eagerly attempted everything I could without showing my face.

Then, one naughty night with my hot fuck buddy I was feeling extra frisky. I wanted to make a clip with him that was just my idea, not a request from anyone else. Since it wouldn’t be showing either of our faces he was totally into it. I’m sure you can only imagine how his excitement grew when I told him my idea involved oiling up my ass, slipping in my fingers and then taking him. I wanted my first fucking video to be all anal. So, with some makeshift lighting, some baby oil, and a lightweight camera, we made it. It was a super hot clip and it felt so amazing to film it!

Once again, I knew I had crossed into new exciting territory in filming something so sexy and satisfying. Without hesitation it was edited and up on my adult work store. From there I became a bit more risqué with the requests I would accept as well as filming more that were based solely on my ideas. I decided that I needed more dick in what I filmed so I slipped on a wig and an eye mask to create blowjob and facial clips.

Making these naughty videos really sent me to a new kind of happy. Not only was I enjoying some awesome sex and trying out all kinds of fetishes, but I was able to share the experience. And people, strangers, were loving it. In a way it was a little terrifying. The excitement and the thrill was overwhelming. While I kind of liked the mystery of hiding my face, it began to feel wrong. I loved the sensations and the exploration. Why shouldn’t I get to share it fully?

Up until this point, much of my journey into kink and the sex industry had been internal. I was changing and growing from the inside. My relationship with sex, with fetishes, and even with the internet was evolving and expanding. My whole world view was shifting and I struggled to understand how this side of life had been hidden from me for so long. Already, so much had changed, yet it only felt like I was beginning. I knew I could go further and there was more to explore. Making these somewhat anonymised clips felt incredible, but it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to share this journey with more people. I wanted to feel more open about my budding kinky self.

Of course, I knew that I couldn’t just go out into town wearing a bra and knickers, sit on a bench and start panty stuffing (which I did actually want to do). Sex and kink encapsulate a wonderful piece of existence, but sadly they can’t be too far out in the open. The world just cannot handle it. So, I just needed to find that hidden realm where I could make this happen. I knew it had to exist on the internet, I just wasn’t quite yet sure of what it was.

That is, until I really took the time to explore camland….

P.S. In case you are wondering, these early clips that I made are no longer available anywhere. Somewhere along the way I lost the files and only have very small, pixelated versions left and the adultwork account I had is no longer in existence. But, trust me, what I make these days is a much higher quality in hotness and pixels. 😉

My summertime porn habits

I’ve been on the move a lot recently, so when it comes to fapping I have called in my tried and true favorites: taboo and anal. Or a combination of both is definitely going to do the trick. I know I’ve mentioned both of these sites previously, but in case you missed it, you should check out filf and Adult Member Zone. I’m sure between these two you will find enough to keep you stroking until 2019 and beyond.

I have also recently stumbled across another anal site I might try called She Does Anal. You all probably already know of it, but I might have to give it try. Sounds like it is right up my alley right now. 🙂

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